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The $20 Art show is free and open to the the public

This show is an fantastic way to get yourself or your loved ones some awesome art. On December 8th over 30 artists will gather and offer their work for just $20 no more, no less. This event is always a blast and many of these artists are offering one of a kind pieces at this awesomely low price so get there early!

The $20 Art Show was started many years ago by artists John King and Mike Ratterman and others at the old Clay Street space. It featured about a dozen Louisville artists including Tish Quesenberry, Scott Scarboro and Ratterman and King. The following year it was moved to Scarboro's Cinderblock studio and gallery where it stayed for several years until it closed in 2006. Since then it has floated around town. In 2012 Scarboro passed the torch to Mary Yates, Scott Shuffitt and Ron Jasin with The World's Second Most Awesome Art Market. In 2016 Shuffit parted ways with the group. Mary Yates and Ron Jasin now promote the show on their own, keeping this show a holiday tradition and a great way to purchase affordable art.

The show is held at Copper And Kings this year.